Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Warming Up Properly

This is a video I did regarding the importance of warm ups, and how to properly warm up before doing any sort of barbell or resistance exercises. What you guys need to remember is that any sort of sudden intense physical activity will make you more susceptible to injuries. Also, proper warm ups will reduce the likelihood of injuries and just get you into the mentality or mind state of hitting PR's and really killing your working sets.

In the video, I am doing front squats, a lot of what I say pertains more to front squats itself, and the movement. I really try to work on sitting back, and exploding out of the hole, the same thing can be said for bench press, really try talking your elbows in and engaging your lats and back into the movement.

As you can see, the warm ups don't actually take that long. Although I did speed some stuff up, the warm ups took me around 10 minutes at most. The key to warming up specifically if you are doing strength specific training, so aiming to hit weight or rep PR's is to keep the volume of the warm ups low, while having the repititions decently high. What I mean is it would be better to do multiple sets of 3-5 for warm ups rather than a large set of 10. As you can see my warm up goes like this:

50 kg x 5
70 kg x 3
90 kg x 2
105 kg x 1

And then I did my working sets. It works a lot better than doing say 60 kg for 10, 90 kg for 10 and then doing your working sets or whatever.

Anyways, thanks for watching, remember to do your warm ups properly.

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  1. Very true man, great post. Now the only problem is that I can't front squat 2 plates :(