Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 1

We will see how I do during my summer days, I've decided to take a few days off doing non productive time wasting shit, but I need it, I have no desire to study or do anything productive to be honest simply because of what end of school exams have done to me.

I slept at 1-2 last night and woke up at 7:40ish, suprising right?

I guess my body is really used to this 5-6 hours of sleep thing.

Gonna go lift today, downloaded fucking League of Legends and, probably gonna go to a party, I'll update on how today went later...


Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Back from a long extended hiatus, still been working out though, been occupied by life really.

Will be posting video and shit in no time.

Last 20ish Workouts


had a rugby game yesterday, whoel body was sore, esp my neck, felt kinda beat up lol, was tackled a lot

anyhow, still lifted, and did fine

fsquats - 257x3/257x3/257x3/198x8 (closer stance)
bench - 198x3/198x3/198x3/154x10
pull ups - 10/15/8/8/6/8


- didnt log yesterday, was sick and busy as fuuuuuuuuuuuu
- throat is still killing me, hate this sh*t, so ghey
- least i got the workout in yesterday

b squats - 253 5x5 in < 12 minutes time
press - 125.5x1*
rows - 200x3x5, 176x10
static holdzz, rotator cuff works


f squat - 260x3, 260x2, 260x3, 209x6
press - 125x2, 125x2, 125x2, 110x4, 88x5
pull up - x10, +35 for 5 sets of 8
bit of core work

push ups ss sit ups for 10 minutes, 15 push ups then 20 sit ups
lots of sprints

- front delts were kiling from the push ups i did the past couple days, damn man

back squat - 260 for 5x5
bench - 200 for 3x2 damn, 176x5
rows - 200 for 3x5
shrugz and static holds for the grip


f squat - 260 for 3x3 , 185x10
press - 125x2 - tricep fuuuuuuuu
weighted chin - bwx10, +40 for 5x8

sprints between each chin up set


b squat - 266 for 5x5 da fuq so hard
press - 99 for 3x5, 88x8
row - 203 for 3x5
shurgs and static holdzzz

bench - 175 for 5/5/5/5/3
pull up - +40 3x8, 20 bw reps
some dipz and curlzz


front squat- 265 for 2/2/1, 225 for 5
press - 105 for 5/5/5 easy
rows - 200 5/5/5
shrugz and sh*t


b squat - 270 for 5/5/5 then 209 for 16
bench - 176 for 5x5
pull ups - ~70 total reps

front squat - 265 for 3/2/2
press - 110 for 5/5/5 harder, 95x6
row - 210 for 5/5/3 harder
shurgs and sh*t

b squat -275 for 5/5/5 easy
bench - 180 for 5x5 eh
pull ups - ~60 total reps
face pulls n sh*t


fs - 265 for 3/3/2
press - 95x10, 95x10, 95x6
pendlay row 185 for 5/5/5

bs - 280 for 5/5/6, 225 for 10
bench - 185 for 5/4, 155 for 10/7
pull ups - 60 total reps

fs - 265 for 3/3/3, 195 for 8
press - 97.5 for 10/8/6, 107.5 for 3
rows - 190 for 5/5/5, 135x15

bs - 285 for 5/5/5, 195 for 10
bench - 185 for 8/5/4, 135 for 5
pull ups - 40 total reps


fs - 267.5 3/2/2
press - 100x10/8/7, 110x3 (pause)
pend row - 195 for 3x5
shrugs, tricep extension


5 sprints up a hill (200m)


bs - 290 4/3/2, 225 5
bench 185 5 195 2 2 155 10
pull ups 49 in >7 minutes
curl and facepulls

100 squats
20 lunge jumps
35 push ups

3 rounds

strict press - 105x10/7/6, 95x6
pend row - 200 5/5/5, 135x20
RDL - 225x5, 225x5, 275x3
rotator work

Friday, 27 April 2012

So in terms of lifting, everything is going well, I feel as I am getting more powerful and stronger. I am gaining weight, my arms, back, chest, shoulders are looking much bigger, I am still fitting into my old pants, which means my waist has stayed the same around, which means I am gaining muscle primarily. I feel like I am starting to get that "I look like I lift look". I havent weighed myself in a few weeks now, but last time I checked, gym weight was around 173-174, which is decent. I'd like to be up at 180 before the summer ends.

I am eating around 200-250 g of protein each day, with whatever carbs and fats, although I try to keep those within boundaries, obviously I am not gonna be eating large fries everyday, but I am starting to throw in some carbs during each meal now. It is hard to stay energized and focused when I am eating low carbs, and because I am doing so much physical activity, I feel like the carbs will really help my performance. Drinking a lot of milk, atleast 1L a day, I feel like this has helped me a lot, its a good way of getting calories in, and it has decent amounts of protein. I would recommend milk as one of the top mass gainers to be honest.

I am current playing basketball on a rep team outside of school. I can almost dunk a basketball, on days where I feel good I am getting 4-5 inches above a 10 foot rim, which is very good, especially since I have gained 10-15 lbs in the last 4~ months. I am very happy about that. In school, I am playing on the varsity rugby team, I am starting so far, which is good since this is my first year playing. The team is good, so far we are 1-0 with our second game this Monday. My conditioning is still good, im starting to do some higher rep squats just to keep pushing my conditioning levels.

Aside from lifting or whatever, I've been pretty busy, I have lots and lots of school work. I havent been sleeping as much as I would like to these days, all my extra curricular events and school are keeping me really busy, I havent been updating as frequently either. Its a good thing to stay busy, my youtube channel is doing well as well, although I havent been pushing it as much, as soon as the school year ends though, I will be making a lot more videos and may even invest in a HD camcorder rather than using my familys digital camera.

Thanks for those who check in regularly, I appreciate the support guys

Here is a recent training video that I uploaded recently:

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Last Few Workouts (12,13,14)


front squat - 253 for 3/3/2, 231 for 5
bench - 190 for 3/3/4!, 165 for 6, 154 for 8
pull ups - +75 for 5/3/3


B squats - 130kg (286) for 3x3, 115kg (253) for 7
press - 121 for 3, 121 for 2/2, 100x8, 100x8 weird pressing day, did them in my squat shoes, tipped over a buncha times
row - 190 for 3x5, 154x20 (rest paused) pretty easy
core work


f squats - 255 for 3x3!, 225 for 2x3 paused
bench - 195 for 3/3/4!, 165x8
pull ups - 10, 35x8, 60x8, 60x6, 60x5, 10
dips - 10, 20, +25x10
core work

good fucking workout.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Red lights

Fucking red lights everywhere this week.

Anyways this week was kinda shitty, not too shitty, some things went well but kinda shitty. So I really got to get on top of my studying, I am getting somewhat distracted by facebook and other shit, but I can fix that. My youtube is going well, I am at 17 k + hits, and almost all my more recent videos are hitting 1 k + views within a week or so.

I'm losing some motivation with things like school and shit, I feel like I am studying real hard for nothing, I know for a fact that I am most likely not going into sciences yet grade 12 chemistry is one of those courses that I work the most hard in. Also shit like physics is so unnecessary, yes its nice for me to have some common knowledge on how the earth works or whatever but I put so much time into studying to do well, when I can learn other shit like economics and marketing, or simply putting more time into things I enjoy like my youtube or blog.

My diet has been shitty since my week has been shitty, I've been so busy also. I had rugby practice in the morning 3x this week, a basketball practice and game, as well as a full week of classes. I have to wake up before 6:00 A.M. some days, and I am sleeping at 12-1 every night. I'm not complaining, but I always feel so fucking lethargic during the middle of the day at times, I wish I was always so pumped up and hype so that I can always be 100%.

Training has been alright, things are getting much heavier and I am starting to feel it, its good though, here is where I really make the progression. I think its a good thing maybe that my diet is a little shitty, I mean I am really able to get the calories in, I am trying to reach a goal weight of 180 without getting slower or less "athletic". At the weight I will be real good for rugby and I will start to look like I actually lift weights.

But that is enough for now, thanks for reading my rant.

I am uploading a 3 part series in regards to stretching and mobilizing the lower body for those interested.

I will also post up my training from the past week in a bit. Thanks for reading guys,

Good night! :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Warming Up Properly

This is a video I did regarding the importance of warm ups, and how to properly warm up before doing any sort of barbell or resistance exercises. What you guys need to remember is that any sort of sudden intense physical activity will make you more susceptible to injuries. Also, proper warm ups will reduce the likelihood of injuries and just get you into the mentality or mind state of hitting PR's and really killing your working sets.

In the video, I am doing front squats, a lot of what I say pertains more to front squats itself, and the movement. I really try to work on sitting back, and exploding out of the hole, the same thing can be said for bench press, really try talking your elbows in and engaging your lats and back into the movement.

As you can see, the warm ups don't actually take that long. Although I did speed some stuff up, the warm ups took me around 10 minutes at most. The key to warming up specifically if you are doing strength specific training, so aiming to hit weight or rep PR's is to keep the volume of the warm ups low, while having the repititions decently high. What I mean is it would be better to do multiple sets of 3-5 for warm ups rather than a large set of 10. As you can see my warm up goes like this:

50 kg x 5
70 kg x 3
90 kg x 2
105 kg x 1

And then I did my working sets. It works a lot better than doing say 60 kg for 10, 90 kg for 10 and then doing your working sets or whatever.

Anyways, thanks for watching, remember to do your warm ups properly.