Wednesday, 11 April 2012


This is a video I made regarding macro nutrients.

I sound retarded speaking to the camera but the information is there, give it a look, and tell me what you guys think. But yeah, I give a primer on proteins/carbohydrates/fats, I know there is some information that isn't too clear and could do better, also my speaking needs some help but those aren't the issues.

Anyway, I've been quite busy again lately.

Had my physics test today, could have been better but meh, I did well for how much work I put in. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular.

Rugby has been going well lately, its been a lot of fun, and its really nice how a lot of my close friends are playing as well. It feels nice having a role on the team also, and its a good way to just hang out with my friends. Training has been going well, I picked up some creatine lately, and after doing some sprints and medicine ball throws, I feel like its starting to kick in, I feel really explosive and powerful on my sprints, and I feel like my endurance is lasting. I really enjoy the feeling of being sore and just a bit tired all the time, its a nice feeling.

Cause of my sports I've been foam rolling a lot lately, to prevent injury and increase recovery, I am too lazy to do it sometimes but I know I need to since it is really beneficial. I will do a video sometime on my stretching/rolling routine sometime for those who are interested.

But thats it for now, got rugby and training tomorrow, and some homework to do still.

Easy, thanks for reading!

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