Thursday, 12 April 2012

My training routine

Some of you guys have asked what exactly am I doing during my training.

So, here it is:

I don't schedule my cardio or speed or plyo work, I do those when I don't have sport practices or whatever and feel that I can recover enough to do them. In terms of practices, I have like 2-3 days of rugby and about 2-3 basketball practices combined with a game. Pretty busy, but its not too much work and because of my decent diet I can recover from them.

In terms of lifting, I do a combination of Greyskull LP and Starting Strength.

So in terms of exercise selection and workout days I do this:

Day 1
Front squat
Bench press
Pull ups

Day 2
Back squat
BB row (deadlift)
grip work

So typically on day 1 I will superset dips and pull ups, I add weight to both of them. On day 2, every 6-8 weeks I will have one deadlift session, besides that I will be doing rows, in terms of grip work, I mainly do some static holds.

So rep set scheme looks like this:

For the squats and pressing, I go by a rep set scheme of 3x3, but on the last set I will go for as many reps as I can, saving maybe one rep in the tank for the next workout, obviously I don't want to be training until absolute failure each set as that would not benefit me, although from time to time I will fail a rep. Once I fail a lift, which is simply failing to do 3 sets of 3, I will attempt it between 3-4 times more, simply due to the fact that I may just need more chances at the weight or I may not be feeling well or whatever that certain day. If I still fail to hit the reps, I reset the weight by about 5-10% and start again.

The thing I really enjoy about this program, is that once I reset, its not a really bad thing since the last set I try to hit max reps, this allows me to hit new PRs and I don't view this resetting thing as such a bad thing but as a good thing. For example, just two weeks ago I hit a bench of 185x5, recently my bench stalled at 192 and due to how I was feeling, I reset the weight without giving it another try, just today I hit 185 for an easy 6 reps, which allowed me to see the progress I made. Bench has always been a shitty lift for me so yeah. It is nice hitting these PRs.

With the rowing and pull ups, I still follow a 3x5 because it is working still. I started off doing starting strength and I only recently stopped the 3x5 and switched it to the 3x3ish rep/set scheme, but I kept the same thing for pull ups. I try to hit atleast 40 reps though, in the warm ups and after I get my main set. In addition, after I hit the final set, I may do sets of 5/8/10 with some lighter weight just to up the volume or just for some more form practice in case I feel I need either of the two.

My training has worked well, I've went from a front squat of 165 for 3x5 to recently 250 for 3x3. Bench went form 145 for 2x5 to 185 3x3 (6 for the last set), and I've also hit +70 for 5/5/4 chins, and a 396 lb deadlift several weeks ago. Also, at the end of most workouts I will do some aesthetics work, probably spend 15 minutes doing some curls/tricep/shoulder work.

If you have any other questions just let me know, I'd be happy to answer them.

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