Saturday, 14 April 2012



I had a out of the ordinary basketball practice yesterday. I felt like I could go forever, it was a conditioning based workout, so we basically did sprints and burpees and shit for an hour, with a couple of water breaks between. Although I had a long day at school, I felt fine, I wasn't tired until after. The morning after, this morning, I was dead, my lungs were huring - it was hard for me to take a deep breath. I felt fine yesterday though.

I think its the creatine to be honest. Its been working, I am pretty happy that it is, for such a low price, its definitely worth it. I've been stretching and doing mobility work lately, I am going to do a video just to demonstrate what kind of stretching/foam rolling and massage work I do, and how you can do it as well.

I am going to train in half an hour, I am squatting/pressing/rowing. I am going for a all time PR of 280x3x3 for squats, this is going to be interesting. Will have me camera, and I will also show these new squat shoes that I received. The heel on them is raised, which allows me to sit back more effectively, preventing the minor heel lifts that I've had. I am still pretty tired though, so yeah.

In terms of diet, I have been eating a lot of everything lately, I've ditched the low carb diet thing, and am mainly concerned with just getting my protein numbers in and then eating whatever until I am full. I am hoping to bulk until 180ish, and reevaluate then to see what my goals are.

Anyways, I will post in a bit

Also, here's a vid I made from one of my previous training sessions:

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