Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Training Session 6 (4/3/2012)

So, as Twolf2 has suggested, I am going to keep my workouts and actual posts separate.

So anyways, today I did a workout.

Front squat - 245x3, 245x3, 245x4, 209x10
Bench Press - 176x3, 176x3, 176x8, 154x10, 154x10
Pull ups - Bwx10, +35x8, +70x5, +70x4, +70x3, +70x2, bwx15
dips - bwx15x15x18x14

good workout today, hit a bunch of PRs, got a good pump at the end too
feeling goooooooooooood!

1 comment:

  1. Hot damn man, those pull ups are beasty as hell. 209x10 on FS is pretty crazy considering the work sets before that. I have a blog too, check it out