Friday, 27 April 2012

So in terms of lifting, everything is going well, I feel as I am getting more powerful and stronger. I am gaining weight, my arms, back, chest, shoulders are looking much bigger, I am still fitting into my old pants, which means my waist has stayed the same around, which means I am gaining muscle primarily. I feel like I am starting to get that "I look like I lift look". I havent weighed myself in a few weeks now, but last time I checked, gym weight was around 173-174, which is decent. I'd like to be up at 180 before the summer ends.

I am eating around 200-250 g of protein each day, with whatever carbs and fats, although I try to keep those within boundaries, obviously I am not gonna be eating large fries everyday, but I am starting to throw in some carbs during each meal now. It is hard to stay energized and focused when I am eating low carbs, and because I am doing so much physical activity, I feel like the carbs will really help my performance. Drinking a lot of milk, atleast 1L a day, I feel like this has helped me a lot, its a good way of getting calories in, and it has decent amounts of protein. I would recommend milk as one of the top mass gainers to be honest.

I am current playing basketball on a rep team outside of school. I can almost dunk a basketball, on days where I feel good I am getting 4-5 inches above a 10 foot rim, which is very good, especially since I have gained 10-15 lbs in the last 4~ months. I am very happy about that. In school, I am playing on the varsity rugby team, I am starting so far, which is good since this is my first year playing. The team is good, so far we are 1-0 with our second game this Monday. My conditioning is still good, im starting to do some higher rep squats just to keep pushing my conditioning levels.

Aside from lifting or whatever, I've been pretty busy, I have lots and lots of school work. I havent been sleeping as much as I would like to these days, all my extra curricular events and school are keeping me really busy, I havent been updating as frequently either. Its a good thing to stay busy, my youtube channel is doing well as well, although I havent been pushing it as much, as soon as the school year ends though, I will be making a lot more videos and may even invest in a HD camcorder rather than using my familys digital camera.

Thanks for those who check in regularly, I appreciate the support guys

Here is a recent training video that I uploaded recently:

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