Friday, 23 March 2012

Seven Litres

I drank seven and a half litres today.

Drank 500 mls when I woke up today. Woke up at 7:30, got up at 7:36, got in bed at 11:02 yesterday, put my iPod away at 11:26. I have all these times written down. Ate my breakfast/lunch at around 10:30, had 5 bacon strips, 4 eggs, a mango, and 2 large celery sticks. Drank 500 mls of water afterwards. Went to do my daily paper route, it is like 1 hour of moderate walking and carrying a shit ton of newspapers, I drank 1 L after that. Ate two sirloin burgers, some leftover chicken wings from the night before (see previous post), a bagel with butter, and 500 mls of milk. Drank about 500 ml of water after. Did some further studying, after a few hours, ate dinner. Had 4 chicken drumsticks, lots of vegetables (bai chai, peas, broccoli). Forced 1 L of water down before basketball practice. Drank 2.5 L during basketball ( 2 hours of sprinting and hyper-fucking-hidrosis). Had 500 mls on the way home. Then took 2 scoops of whey with 500 mls of water. Drinking 500 mls of milk currently. 11:22 P.M.

Water intoxication? Nah.

I also had a caffeine pill before practice so I don't fall asleep, been up for 16 hours now so yeah, long ass time. Helps me push through the pain, and keeps my intensity up. Going to try and drink atleast 500 mls before I go to sleep so I don't wake up with a cramp tomorrow. Oh, I also have two basketball games tomorrow. Its not that I dislike it, I actually really enjoy it, but it is hard sometimes and real tiring. On the bright side it keeps me conditioned so I can what? Recover faster between sets and between workouts.

Anyways today is Friday. End of the week, school is starting once again for me next Monday, I might make it a weekly thing to post some motivation or inspiration on Fridays, just cause, its Friday. So anyways, for today:

So, guy goes by the name of YanYan Xu, Dracoy, whatever. Few years ago, get his angus peppered by a 185 squat. He starts a log which is called "Dracoy's Struggle Against Genetics", after a 2 years or so, he achieves a 495 deadlift at a bodyweight of 150 fucking lbs. That's right.

A 495 lb deadlift at 150 lbs. That is 3.333x his bodyweight.

And just a few years ago he failed a 185 squat, really shows you what hard work and dedication can do for you. Here is the video by the way:

He's also hit a 365 squat to parallel which is good.

That's some inspiration for y'all.

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Good night.

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