Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Overcoming Genetics

So here is an interesting concept:

Your genetics determine your characteristics from birth. There are some behaviour patterns that can be linked directly to your genetics, your IQ is linked with genetics. Ultimately how athletic you can be, will be linked to your genetics. It ultimately characterizes you. As a human, you will base your actions off your characteristics, so say I am smart, I'll be more inclined to study since I am good at it. If I am athletic I will be more inclined to playing a sport, you get it?

Anyhow, so ultimately what I am trying to get at is your genetics determine your actions right? And through time, your actions determine who you are, which is characterized further by your characteristics and personality. So the way you approach a certain situation will depend on your perspective on it, your personality, mood, and your characteristics. Now given that we get shaped into people through interactions with others, and we really learn who we are ourselves by comparing ourselves to those around us, and because what determines who everyone else will ultimately be is their genetics, doesn't everything depend on genetics?

Although there are certain variables that we can never figure out, if you think about everything from a higher end scale, we can figure out what will happen to us. Thinking about this is kind of depressing, but on the flip side, I feel like if we were to compare this theory or thought to a mathematic equation, we can say that there are multiple solutions, and your goals and how hard you work will ultimately determine the restrictions set on the answer, however how hard you work can also be limited on your genetic code.

Life is depressing, aint it?

I feel though, as long as you work hard, and you know what your goals are, you are set.

Anyways to today's workout:

b squat - 260 3x3, 220 1x10
press - 123 3x3, 99x10, 110x5
deadlift - 396x1, 220x5, 264x5, 264x5
static holds

video below:


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