Sunday, 25 March 2012

Goat milk taste like shit


The taste of goat milk is still stuck in my milk. Out of 10, I would rate goat milk sh*t out of 10. My mom bought some goat milk cause apparently it has more vitamins and nutrients, and although it may, it tastes so bad. I mixed it with my whey, and the after taste is horrible.

The weekend has been really nice, the sun is shining, the birds chirping. I played in a basketball tournament on Saturday, my team won both games by 10+ each. It was really tiring, and my legs were so sore after. We came 1st in our pool, but because of time, they didn't have a finals game. So that was my Saturday basically, when I got home, I just ate, used Facebook, whatever, and went to sleep. Today, did some chemistry work mainly. I had pizza for lunch today, as a pre workout basically. It was real good, and I ate with my family which made it nicer.

In terms of diet, I've had a lot of carbs this weekend, all the basketball and lifting really hits you, and I really need to recover. I have another game tomorrow, and I don't want to be sore or "not ready" for that. I've been taking quite a bit of whey as well just to stimulate recovery. Basically been eating 250+ grams of protein per day, and probably in the range of 3500-4000 calories also.

School is starting tomorrow, I may be on this blog less, but I will try to update atleast 4x the next week, because the next couple of weeks are filled with evaluations for me I will have to study the shit out of the material I need to know, and murder my upcoming tests and assignments.

The weather lately has been making me feel really nice, I felt depressed kind of during the winter time, but with the sun out, it feels like everyday is a good day no matter what happens. I actually played some basketball with a friend I haven't talked to in a long time today, I told him about this blog and I made a bet with him regarding whether or not he can find it. He owes me 65 dollars already, lol.

Anyways, today I lifted again. This was one of the better workouts I have had in a long time. I think its cause I was ready for it, like, I knew it was gonna be tough because I just played 2 games of basketball the day before, and so as a study break, I foam rolled, and did some ART and stretching myself, to prep my legs, shoulders, elbows, and back since they were all sore as hell. I also ate a sh*tload of food and carbs ( which I don't usually get that much of) and I had 100 mg of caffeine, whey, and 2 bananas pre workout.

So today I did:

Front squat - 240 for 2x3, then 1x4, then dropped the weight and hit 205x8
Bench press - 190 for 3x3, didn't even attempt the 4th rep, will hit the 4th rep next workout
                      went with a closer grip and hit 155x10
Pull ups - bw for 10, +35 for 8, +60 for 6, +60 for 5, +60 for 3, +35 for 3, bw for 2x3
Dips - bw for 13, bw for 15, +25 for 9, bw for 15

Video of some of the lifts below:

Last couple of sets for pull ups were drop sets, little to no rest at all. My spotter for bench was shitty, had his shorts in my face the whole time, fucking sucked, whatever though. I can't wait to lift at school with all my friends again, especially since I've gotten stronger during the break. I made a intro to my video now, I might stick with it, Franco Columbo is fucking gangster. Sore as fuck now, going to do some more chemistry, possibly some math, and get ready for school the next day.


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  1. Keep up the good job man... Next time you post your workout videos it would be helpful if you could show the excersise from different angles so we can get a better idea of the form and hand placement.. Good job...

    Subscribed ;)