Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gave bus fare to some kid today..

3 days until school starts. I have physics, world issues, and some chem to catch up on.

So on my way back from my training session, some kid was asking me if I had a change for a 20, I didn't but he told me in shitty English that he needed a ticket for a bus. So I gave him a bus ticket for free. He looked real fobby, was wearing a Kobe shirt with soccer shorts, he also had a fitted on and was listening to his nano which he also used as a watch. I tried to talk to him after and he just told me he couldn't speak English well, yeah.

Redoing the arithmetic sheets again and again. I've done the normal sheets at least 4-5 times each. There are still some questions that I am not sure about, I need to remember to ask my teacher about them. I know we have a test within a week once school starts which is the last real test of the year, then we have a couple of small quizzes and the exam.

Got up at 9:43 this morning, shitty start to my goals. 

Slept late too, but I didn't use my iPod much which is good, also not using the computer AS much, still quite a bit though. I'll be sure to monitor that but since I have this blog which I want to update it'll be hard to, guess I wont count the time, when I am doing my blogging and shit.

So anyway, to the training.

Yesterday's sprints were fucking awesome. Felt like a gazelle, my hips are flexible from all the damn mobility shit I do for them, and I am getting stronger too. Core felt nice and strong, lower back was a little sore but meh, I've gained 15 lbs in the last 2 months so its expected. Did some stretching later and went to sleep.

My right elbow has been bothering me a bit lately, going to do some foam rolling and stretching specifically for that. They didn't bother me too much during my pressing today though which is good.

So today I did:

back squat-250 for 3x3,225x5
strict press-120 for 2x3,1x4, 95x10
delt work, core work

Here's the video from today's workout.


Everything felt fine. The last two sets of the strict press are personal bests, rowing wise, first time using decently strict form, touching my chest/stomache for every rep. Squats depth was good, I am going real low, but the weight feels light as fuck, feels like a warm up set to be honest.

Feeling a bit hungry towards the end of the workout, had a PB and jelly sandwich before hand with a bit of whey, post workout had a nice dinner and 1 L of milk with 2 scoops of whey. 

Part of my fine ass dinner:

I had veggies and everything of course, but this was the highlight.

Feeling sore, gonna do some work before I sleep. Been a good day.

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