Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another Day

5:36 P.M.

5 days until school starts again, and there are habits I need to bust my ass out of:

1. Sleeping times

I find that its so easy to lose track of this, if you stay up one night, the next day you feel like shit and try to sleep more. But when you do stay consistent and wake up/sleep at more or less the same time everyday you are full of energy and much more productive.

I've been sleeping at like 12-1 lately and waking up at around 9-10. This isn't too bad, since I do have quite a bit of time to go do stuff and get work done, but regardless I'd like to start sleeping a earlier, so around 10:30-11 so I can be up before 8 everyday.

2. Time spent on the Internet


I spend way too much time on Facebook, forums, or whatever. If I am on the internet hopefully I am doing work or reading something informative, Facebook and forums are in all honesty, a waste of time. I enjoy talking with people in real life, and face to face so much more, and I'd rather be off the computer and doing something productive.

I will probably start keeping track of the time actually, every time I open a internet browser I am going to start a timer or whatever, and just try to keep my time per week or per day below a certain point. 

I'm also on my iPod touch way too much, I always watch a few videos before I go to bed, starting from tonight, I am not going to use my iPod before I go to sleep, and just try to sleep as soon as I am in bed.

But yeah, its a lot more motivating when you have these things written down, and where other people can see it. 

Had a pretty good day today, did some arithmetic, some pretty confusing shit, but I'm confident I will get the hang of it. I need to be studying more though, as I have said I have been on the computer a bit much. I spent a quite a bit of time formatting my blog to look better.

Here is a squat video from yesterday for reading everything.

Will do some sprints later on today also, not much else though.

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