Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I am a 16 year old male, name is Peter.

Essentially this blog is meant for my self - improvement regarding both lifting and just life in general.

The goals I want to achieve are:
Hit a 1000 lb total (bench, squat, deadlift)
Keep my marks high (specifically in grade 12 func this year)
Get into my top 3 choice for university (TBA)
Start making money within this summer (hopefully not through a labor job)

As for now, I am not extremely happy or satisfied with anything I have, and am looking to change that. These blog posts will include rants, thoughts, my workouts of course, and just how my day has been.

In terms of history, I've been lifting since 2009, but I've been on and off. I started  in 2009, and its been good, but I have only been "seriously" lifting since the new year.

In terms of school and marks, I am in grade 11 so the majority of the marks do not matter for me, however I am taking 3 grade 12 courses so advanced functions, world issues, and chemistry which I have a 98, 92, and 91 respectively, my goal is to keep the marks and possibly improve them until the school year ends.

But enjoy, and subscribe.

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